The Ruler Tool

With FlipaClip you can draw basic shapes, straight lines, and also activate a mirror tool which we will explain in more detail. The ruler provides a guide to draw perfect straight lines, ovals and rectangles. You can easily modify the ruler’s position, width, height and angle. By following these steps, you can easily use the FlipaClip ruler to create accurate and precise drawings in the app.

How to use the ruler tool:

Step 1: Tap the Ruler icon located on the stage.


Step 2: Once enabled you will see the ruler icon highlighted and the last used ruler will be shown on the canvas. You will also see that you now also have options to choose a straight line, circle, or square on the right-hand side of the screen. This is also where you will activate the mirror and lock tools.


Step 3:  Select a ruler type and move the ruler around and adjust its size as needed. You can draw anywhere on the screen. Drag the shape or horizontal line to the desired location on the canvas: Slide the red dots to adjust the angle of the shape and hold and drag the red square to move the entire location. The ruler will cause any drawing to follow the shape of the ruler.


Step 4: When finished, simply tap the Ruler icon again to exit the ruler mode.

Tip: To lock the tool in place, tap the Lock icon. This will prevent the shape from changing positions when zooming in and out or rotating the canvas..

Check out these videos to watch it all in action!

Using the Ruler Tool

Using the Mirror Tool


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