Copying and Pasting Frames

One of the ways you can speed up the animation process is by mastering the different ways you can use copy/paste on FlipaClip. There are a few ways to use copy and paste throughout the app.

Check out copying and pasting frames in action!

Note: You can copy/paste across your projects!

Copying frames from the stage

Step 1- Long press the frame you want to be copied.

Step 2- Press the copy icon (two squares).

Step 3- Press on the paste icon to see the frame pasted beside the original. 

Note: There are two paste icons each with an arrow facing left or right. Depending on which one you select is the side of the frame it will paste to. 

Copying more than one frame at once

Step 1- Press the more icon (3 dots) at the top right corner of your screen. 

Step 2- Press “Frames Viewer”.

Step 3- Long press on the first frame you want to be copied until it is selected. 

Step 4- Once it is selected you can select all other frames you wish to copy. 

Step 5- Press the copy icon.

Step 6- Choose to paste before or after original frames, and press that paste icon. 

Copying individual layers on a frame

Step 1- Press the copy icon on the top of your screen to copy the active layer of your frame.

Step 2- Select the frame you want to paste on.

Step 3- Press the paste icon.

Copying an area with the lasso tool

Step 1- Select the lasso tool from the tools menu. 

Step 2- Trace the lasso tool around the object you want to copy. 

Step 3- Hit the copy icon at the top of your screen.

Step 4- Tap the paste icon and drag to where you want the object.

 Note: Make sure you have the correct layer selected when using the lasso tool or you will not get the correct image when trying to move or copy an area.

If you double-tap the lasso tool, it will select everything that exists in that particular layer. 

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