Saving Animations as a Movie

You can easily turn your FlipaClip animation project into a movie file. 

Step 1 - Open the animation project you want to make into a movie. 

Step 2 - Tap the Share icon in the toolbar or tap the three-dot icon on the top right to expand the menu and tap on "Make Movie". 

Step 3 - The default settings on this screen should be good to use but you can make adjustments if needed. See the “Make Movie Options” section below for more details.

Step 4 - Tap “Make a Movie” 

After it completes making the movie it will be saved into the “Movies” section of FlipaClip’s home screen. You can either close out of the Share screen that opens or you can share your movie.

Options when making movies

Below are options that you have the ability to change when making your FlipaClip movie.

Movie Name 

By default, your movie will have the same name as the FlipaClip project. But you can easily change it if you want to.

Output Size

Changing the output size is simple. Just tap on Output Size then you can choose common size formats that are set for Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and many others. If you want a specific custom size, you can set dimensions as well. 


There are three available formats to choose from:

  • MP4 - This is a common format used to upload to any social media network and is widely used to watch natively on any device.
  • GIF - This is an animated image. Because of this, it will not include any sound files you’ve added to your project.
  • PNG Sequence - This format is a premium feature that allows you to save the movie with a transparent background into a sequence of images. 

Transparent Background

Selecting this allows your animation to have a transparent background. It will ignore whatever was set as the background of your project in the Project Settings screen. This option will only work when you’ve set the format as GIF or PNG sequence.

FlipaClip Watermark

By default, FlipaClip movies will have a watermarked logo. Please note that removing it is a premium feature. Once you have purchased the premium, you can toggle this off if you want to remove it from your movie.

The information shown below the “Make Movie” button is related to your animation project:

  • The first info to the left is the number of FPS your animation project is set to.
  • In the middle it shows you the total duration of your animation in seconds or minutes.
  • The info to the right is the total number of frames that makes your animation project.
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