Adding Audio to your Animation

Adding Music and Sound

FlipaClip lets animators add music and sound effects to their creations.  The app allows up to six separate audio tracks for Android and eight tracks for iOS devices. Here's how to add sound to your work.

Step 1: Tap on the lower left audio icon on your screen.

Step 2: Tap the red plus icon. For Android and Amazon devices, this can be found hovering on the bottom-right.  iOS phones have this in the middle of the screen.  Unlike the previous devices, iOS tablet users will not need to tap a plus icon. They have the next choices conveniently visible. 

Step 3: There are three choices for you to choose from. You can choose a file from your device storage, make an audio recording, or choose from FlipaClip's audio library.

Option A: Use a saved audio file - For iOS users, you can tap on the musical note icon with a plus sign. For Android users, on the other hand,  tap the download icon. (If you aren't a premium user, you can choose to watch a rewarded ad to enable the feature.) Choose a file from your device to upload and use on your project.
Option B: Record audio on your phone -  Tap on the mic icon. This takes you to a recording screen. Press and hold the red mic icon to begin your recording and release it to end it.
Option C: Use FlipaClip's audio library - Press the music gallery icon. This takes you to FlipaClip's audio library. Here, there are a variety of Sound FX themes that you can use to add life to your animation project. Please note that these assets require a purchase to enable.

Step 5: Cut the portion of audio that you want to use. You can do this by dragging on the left and right handles of the file. Then wait for the app to finish processing it. Please note that this step is skipped if you choose an audio file from FlipaClip’s audio library.

Step 6: The audio clip will be automatically placed floating over the audio tracks. From there, you can drag it to a particular track at the desired time in the animation.

Step 7:  Press the play button to preview the changes you’ve made. 

Please Note: Deleting frames and/or layers will not delete your audio from your project.

Editing added audio clips 

Animators can perform edits on the audio clips that have been added to the timeline.

Adjusting clip length: To crop, lengthen, or shorten an audio clip tap, on the audio clip once. In and out handles will be visible at both ends of the clip. These can be dragged to shorten or lengthen the audio. If they are pulled beyond the original length, FlipaClip will loop your audio.

Renaming, duplicating, and deleting: Tapping a second time makes additional tools available. Here you can rename the track, duplicate, it, and delete it. You can also slice clips.

Slicing clips: Flipaclip lets you divide one audio clip into segments. This can be done by positioning the long red line of the timeline to the point where you want to slice and tapping on the slice button. After this, you can interact with the separate segments as individuals.


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