Slice with Magic Cut

What is Magic Cut?

Get perfect cut outs from your images in seconds with this FlipaClip Plus feature! AI will do all the hard parts, just tap!

How Do I Use It?

1x1 Magic cut_02.gif

  1. To open Magic Cut, tap the three dots (settings) inside of your project
  2. Allow access to photos and select image
  3. Let the magic happen
  4. A stack will appear with all cut outs from the image
  5. Tap on a cut out and it will be added to your project

More About This Feature

Inside of the Magic Cut area, press and hold any cut out image to see these options

  • Delete one or more cut out images from your Magic Cut library
  • Share one or more cut out images to multiple places like your device, or to a friend!
  • Combine multiple cut outs into one image saved as a separate shape, you won’t lose your smaller cut outs :)

Note: You can try this FlipaClip Plus feature for free with our 7 day trial or with a FlipaClip Plus subscription. It is not available with the legacy premium bundle.

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