Organizing Projects with Stacks

One simple way to keep your projects organized is by using stacks. Stacks are like supercharged folders – they help you stay even more organized and make your FlipaClip experience cooler than ever! If you've got several projects that belong together, like ones with the same theme or different versions of a project you want to keep track of, stacks are your go-to solution. Let's learn how to stack projects together step by step:

1. Identify Your Projects: Before you start stacking, take a look at your projects and see which ones fit together. Maybe you have different projects for an art class or various drafts of an animation you're creating. Stacks work best when you have projects that share something in common.

2. Create a Stack: To stack your projects, it's as easy as dragging one project on top of another. Imagine you're building a tower of awesome projects! This creates a stack, and all the projects inside will stay grouped together.

3. Enjoy the Benefits: Stacks make it super simple to keep things neat and tidy. You won't have to search through a bunch of projects to find what you're looking for – it's all right there in the stack. Plus, it's a satisfying feeling to see your projects neatly organized.

4. Check Out the Magic: Curious to see stacks in action? Watch this quick video to see how it's done. You'll be a stacking pro in no time!

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