FlipaClip Brushes

Brush Types

Put your creative ideas onto the canvas with FlipaClip’s versatile brushes.

On the stage, tap on the brush icon to bring up the brush options. From there, tap the brush's stroke icon to show the list of brushes:


Here is the current list of brushes in FlipaClip:


The pen tool is selected by default. This allows you to draw solid lines on the canvas.


Use Sketch brush to create rough, preliminary drawings or sketches of characters, objects, or scenes.


Create smooth gradients, shading, and subtle transitions of color with the Airbrush.


Enhance depth and intensity in your artwork with the Airbrush (Darker), perfect for adding rich shadows and bold accents to your compositions.


This brush simulates the look and texture of traditional Crayons. It is commonly used to create a unique, expressive, and hand-drawn look.


The Pencil brush draws lines similar to what a real pencil would make on paper.

This lets you draw lines with a brush-like effect. The output lines gradually fade in, solidify, and then fade out as you end the “brush stroke.” The lines it produces are rounded.
This brush lets you “highlight" using different colors. It works well to create more dynamic art by adding a semi-transparent layer of color. The highlighter is square-shaped, which is one of the things that differentiates it from the other tools.
Create retro-style graphic pixel animations to achieve a specific aesthetic reminiscent of old-school video games or pixel art. Use this pixel brush along with the Pixel Effect feature in layers.
Create dynamic, flowing, and expressive lines that resemble the strokes of a brush dipped in ink.
Simulate the effect of spraying paint or ink onto a surface to create textured and atmospheric effects, such as splatters, speckles, or spray paint-like patterns.
Create a stippling effect, which involves applying small dots or stippled marks to achieve artwork shading, texture, or tonal variations. Stippling is a technique commonly used in traditional art, such as pen and ink drawings.
rough pen.png
Mimic the texture and stroke qualities of a rough or textured pen to achieve a rough, hand-drawn, or inked look, similar to what can be achieved with traditional pen and paper.
The Calligraphy brush is a brush style that mimics the strokes of a calligraphy pen or brush. It is often used for creating elegant and flowing lines in artwork.
The Halftone brush simulates the effect of halftone printing, which creates shading and gradients using tiny dots. It's typically used for adding texture and depth to illustrations.
haltone right hatch.png
This brush produces a right-leaning hatch pattern using halftone dots, which is commonly used for shading and creating gradients in a specific direction.
haltone left hatch.png
Like the right hatch brush, the Halftone Left Hatch brush creates a left-leaning hatch pattern with halftone dots for shading and adding gradients in the opposite direction.
The Gradient brush is used to apply smooth color transitions, creating a gradient effect. It's useful for blending colors and adding depth to illustrations.
The Mosaic brush generates a mosaic-like pattern, often used for creating pixelated or mosaic-style artwork for a unique visual effect.
The Sparkles brush adds sparkling or twinkling details to your artwork, enhancing the overall visual appeal by adding shimmer and shine.
The Leaves brush is designed to create the appearance of various types of leaves and foliage. It's commonly used in nature-themed artwork and for adding organic textures.
The Hair brush is ideal for simulating the texture and appearance of hair in illustrations. It can be used for drawing realistic or stylized hair in character design and portraiture.
The Fur brush is designed to replicate the texture and appearance of fur. It's commonly used for adding realistic or stylized fur details to animals and creatures in artwork.
3d brush.png
The 3D brush is a tool for creating three-dimensional effects in your artwork. It allows you to add depth and dimension to objects, making them appear as if they are popping out of the canvas.
3d candy cane.png
The 3D Candy Cane brush is a specialized 3D brush that gives you a realistic-looking candy cane with three-dimensional effects. It's often used in holiday-themed illustrations.
The Grunge brush is known for its rough and textured appearance. It's commonly used to add a weathered, distressed, or grungy look to artwork, which can be particularly useful for creating vintage or gritty visuals.
The Sprinkles brush is designed to create the appearance of sprinkles, like those found on desserts such as cupcakes or ice cream. It's great for adding a fun and colorful touch to food-themed illustrations.
The Dots brush produces a pattern of dots. It's versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as adding stippling texture or creating pointillism-style artwork.
The Squares brush is a tool that creates a pattern or texture composed of square shapes. It's often used for adding a grid-like or pixelated effect to artwork, or for creating geometric and structured designs.
The Dash brush is a brush that produces a series of dashes or short, linear segments. It's useful for creating dashed lines or patterns in artwork, and it's commonly employed in graphic design and illustration to give a distinctive visual style to lines or strokes.
Capture intricate details and elegant lines reminiscent of traditional pen-and-ink illustrations with the Dip Pen, offering precise control and expressive strokes.
Unlock dynamic textures and mechanical precision with the Gear brush, ideal for adding intricate patterns and industrial flair to your designs.
Infuse your artwork with organic texture and depth using the Grain pen, allowing for nuanced shading and tactile realism reminiscent of traditional media.
Inject life and emotion into your creations with the Heartbeat brush, pulsating with rhythmic strokes that convey energy, passion, and vitality.
Add an edgy and dynamic flair to your artwork with the Pen Choppy brush, creating bold, fragmented lines and unpredictable textures for a striking visual impact.
Craft gentle and smooth strokes with the Pen Soft brush, ideal for creating delicate linework, subtle shading, and soft transitions in your compositions.
Replicate the rich, dark lines and expressive shading of a 6B pencil with precision and versatility using the Pencil 6B brush, perfect for achieving lifelike textures and depth in your sketches.
Capture fine details and crisp lines with the Pencil H brush, offering precise control and subtle shading for meticulous illustrations and technical drawings.
Strike the perfect balance between precision and versatility with the Pencil HB brush, ideal for crisp lines, smooth shading, and nuanced detailing in your artwork.
Infuse your designs with the rugged texture and raw power of a saw with the Saw brush, perfect for adding gritty, industrial elements and dramatic accents to your compositions.
Electrify your artwork with the Static brush, unleashing crackling energy and chaotic textures for a striking, avant-garde aesthetic.


Tap Brush Settings to customize any brush.

Note: Several of our brushes are free and available for everyone. The remaining brushes are available as part of our FlipaClip Plus subscription. If you don't have a FlipaClip Plus subscription, you can access many additional brushes for a limited time by watching a rewarded ad. The remaining brushes that have a 💎 beside them are available only for our FlipaClip Plus subscribers.

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