The Grid

If you want to use grids on FlipaClip, here's how you can do it:

  1. Tap on the three-dot menu in the upper right hand corner of the stage.
  2. Toggle on Grid from the options that appear.


Remember that the grid is only a guide to help you draw. It won't show up in your final animated movie.

  • You can make changes to the grid by adjusting the following settings:
  • Grid line opacity: This controls how transparent or visible the grid lines are.
  • Vertical line spacing: You can change the amount of space between the rows in the grid.
  • Horizontal line spacing: This lets you adjust the space between the columns of the grid.

Tip - When you enable the "Pixel Effect" layer, you can use grid snapping while drawing. This means that your strokes will automatically align to the grid, helping you create precise and aligned drawings. It ensures that your pixels are placed accurately and maintains consistency in your artwork.

Grids are helpful tools for artists and animators. They have several benefits:

  • Estimating distances: Grids can help you figure out how far apart objects should be in your drawing.
  • Reference points: They provide points of reference to help you maintain proportions and perspectives.
  • Visual composition: Grids assist in creating a balanced and visually pleasing arrangement of elements in your artwork.
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