Part of Projects Deleted

Have you ever had parts or all of your project randomly deleted? Below are some potential causes and solutions.

1. Low storage space - For the app to run smoothly, your device should have some storage space left over for FlipaClip to be able to write in new data. 

Normally, your device should warn you that your storage space is running low. FlipaClip also prompts you if your device is low on storage. It will tell you that there is a chance that your work will not be saved.  However, there can be times when the device fails to give you this prompt as you are working. 

A large portion of your animation is initially saved onto a memory cache and not immediately into device storage. The app uses RAM during this process to quickly load the different drawings and layers that you made. If your device has insufficient storage capacity, the app has nowhere to save your work. When you close the app and the device clears its cache your animation might not be saved.

Clearing out as much storage space on your device such as unused apps, movies, audio files, images from the gallery or other documents and restarting your device will surely help you achieve a better FlipaClip experience.

2. Files being deleted accidentally - If you’re an Android user, it’s important to be careful with your project files. Data and cache cleaner apps can accidentally delete important files from your FlipaClip folders. This is also true if you manually clean up your device folders as well. When important files relating to your project are deleted, the app cannot recover them.

Please be careful when clearing your storage.

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