Using a Stylus

Using a stylus with FlipaClip can be a fantastic way to bring your animations to life! Before you dive in, it's important to make sure your stylus and device are a perfect match. The good news is that FlipaClip supports a range of styluses, including the Apple Pencil, SonarPen, and styluses that come right along with your device. If you find that your stylus isn't playing nice with your device, just take a peek at your device and stylus manuals to double-check their compatibility.

To start your stylus adventure, let's explore some options in the Menu that you'll definitely want to check out:

Step 1: Open up FlipaClip and head to the Main Menu. You'll find it under "App Settings".

Step 2: Look for the "Stage" section. It's like the heart of your animation canvas. Make sure you've turned on "Stylus pressure". This little setting adds a dash of magic to your stylus experience.

Step 3: Now, let's dive into "Draw Input". Here, you want to make sure you've chosen either "Stylus and touch" or simply "Stylus". Just so you know, our cool highlighter and eraser tools don't do the pressure thing right now, but that's okay!

Voila! Your stylus should be all set to strut its stuff!

And hey, here's a nifty tip for you: Take a look at the "Stylus Hover Preview" option. If you flick that switch, you can actually see what your drawing tool will do before it even touches the canvas. It's like having a sneak peek at your artistic magic! This neat feature lets you sketch, write, and fine-tune things with super-duper precision.

Now you're ready to rock those animations like a pro! Happy animating!

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