Version 2.3.x

Last modified:



  • Updated FlipaClip image codec to improve speed and file size. 
  • Added TikTok project preset. 
  • Fixed built movies getting stretched when picking different output sizes. 
  • Fixed abort make movie alert shown when trying to close make movie screen. 
  • Fixed timeline scrolls back to old position after closing audio editor. 
  • Fixed timeline shown while project is loading. 
  • Fixed crash when scrolling empty timeline. 
  • Improved in-app purchases code. 
  • Improved audio library. 
  • Other internal bug fixes. 



  • Fixed contest home crashes on Android 4.2 and lower.
  • Fixed winners tag hides when scrolling contest home.
  • Fixed lasso image lost after scrolling.
  • Fixed image and text selection flip/moves/resize events not undoable.
  • Disabled empty space clicks on contest follow us card.
  • Added improved handling for projects with audio clip errors.
  • Added warning prompt to "make movie" when movie with same name already exists.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the audio import feature.
  • Fixed back button doesn't work after canceling an audio clip insert.
  • Fixed crash caused by GIF decoder.
  • Fixed crash seen after leaving a project.
  • Fixed audio clip file source deleted after canceling an audio clip clone.

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