Version 1.4

Last modified:


  • Added help tips
  • Added demo project
  • Added SPen secondary button support for devices running Android 5+
  • Fixed timeline active frame not being selected
  • Fixed crash caused by going from frames viewer to canvas
  • Fixed crash happening on the video player
  • Fixed project import showing nothing
  • Fixed multi-activity spawn bug
  • Fixed various small crash causing bugs


  • Added new PNG sequence build format option
  • Improved settings UX/UI and options
  • Updated stage title bar zoom and current frame text color to be lighter
  • Updated YouTube share option
  • Long press stage tools icons for more options
  • Resolved various bugs causing app crash


  • Fixed Frames Viewer copy/paste frames bug
  • New Frames Viewer fast scroller
  • Fixed progress animation stopping when returning to an active build
  • Improved settings load performance for build movie page
  • Fixed and improved project loading and error handling


  • Fixed app crashing on Amazon devices
  • Fixed canvas not being centered properly
  • Updated Facebook SDK for improved sharing


  • Tools popup text was black changed to white
  • Build movie watermark setting state now remembered
  • Build movie output format setting state now remembered
  • Fixed build movie page crashing when getting restored by Android
  • Fixed import project crash caused by an invalid file
  • Increased canvas size quality for smaller devices from (426x240) to (854x480)
  • Re-enabled GIF output as free feature
  • Improved watermark quality


  • Updated app translations for all supported languages
  • Translated app to Brazilian Portuguese


  • Fixed lassoed image quality loss
  • Fixed crash caused by importing invalid image as background
  • Fixed canvas background not matching main stage background


  • Added background color options
  • Added eraser blur option
  • Added project sharing feature
  • Added option to rename a movie before building it
  • Added new charcoal background
  • Ruler, lasso and image selection tools now drawn without scaling
  • Improved edit project popup UI/UX
  • Improved build movie popup UI/UX
  • Improved onion settings popup UI/UX
  • Improved timeline sliding live preview performance
  • Canvas zooming out past canvas frame now supported
  • Fixed app shown upside-down when opened
  • Movies page now ordered with last modified first
  • Improved background image editor
  • Updated various areas with new materials design standards
  • Removed Samsung draw engine support (Our draw engine is a lot better and the app size is now smaller!)
  • Various UI/UX improvements
  • Fixed copy/paste lassoed image glitch
  • Fixed projects top action bar not responding button presses
  • Improved frame caching strategy based on device available memory
  • Improved tablet support

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