Version 1.5

Last modified:


  • Fixed crash caused by GIF player
  • Added Arabic translations and support for RTL layout
  • Updated Spanish translations
  • Updated Korean translations
  • Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translations


  • Added new text tool [Beta state]
  • Modified stage buttons layout
  • Fixed eye dropper not getting dismissed when switching frames
  • Added storage space low error message when building
  • Various internal fixes and optimizations


  • Fixed movie build error caused by invalid filename
  • Fixed movie build abort not cleaning up partial build
  • Fixed infinite error reporting when unable to play MP4 video
  • Fixed app hanging caused by internal file removal issues
  • Fixed crash opening app on Android 4.0.3 and 4.0.4
  • Fixed color wheel shader block incorrectly drawn on edit project


  • Fixed In-App purchase for Amazon AppStore release
  • Fixed RTL layout issue for project edit screen
  • Tweaked UI of the eraser and brushes popup
  • Fixed crash caused by the help tips overlay
  • Frames viewer UNDO snackbar now hidden immediately when exiting frames viewer


  • Replaced color picker saturation/shade triangle for square


  • Added brand new color picker with color presets
  • Modified tools popups UI
  • Fixed GIF encoder mem leak causing crash on larger projects


  • Fixed crash caused when leaving frames viewer
  • Fixed crash caused when no movies folder was found


  • Added ability to share a frame via the frames viewer
  • Added improved error handling to notify you of storage issues
  • Added keyboard arrow support to move transform object
  • Increased lasso tool line width
  • Fixed silent out of memory crash


  • Fixed GIF encoder generating invalid colors
  • 100% performance increase for devices with x86 processor
  • Zoom/Pan now possible on a layer that is locked or invisible
  • Improved internal memory usage to decrease crashes caused by out of memory errors
  • Fixed crash caused by import image editor
  • Fixed crash caused by movie builder
  • Fixed crash caused by home page
  • Fixed crash caused when starting the app


  • Fixed crash caused by x264 lib when building to MP4 output


  • More than doubled MP4 video building speeds
  • Huge quality improvement for GIF output
  • ARM64 processors now natively supported
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for the Stage (Shortcut keys)
  • Built movies are now shown on the Android Gallery
  • Fixed movie playback crash upon exiting
  • Fixed black background when exporting png sequence with transparency enabled
  • Fixed Undo/Redo glitch when switching between active layers
  • Fixed posts not showing on Facebook
  • Added storage stats to bug report
  • Optimized internal code for handling image loading
  • Optimized layers handling
  • Added improved multi-threaded frame loading for the timeline and frames viewer


  • Fixed lasso tool glitch when switching layers
  • Crash caused when exiting a project on devices running Android 4.0.x devices
  • Removed UNDO option for new confirm dialog for layer removals
  • Updated Facebook lib
  • Updated YouTube lib


  • Fixed black background shown on canvas
  • Fixed frames viewer frame click broken
  • Fixed crash caused by invalid imported background image
  • Fixed crash caused by tips popups when dismissed before being shown
  • Removed unnecessary 1px border shown while on preview mode
  • Updated GooglePlay lib
  • Updated Facebook lib
  • Updated YouTube lib


  • Frames viewer new drag and drop frames support
  • Frames viewer new undo option for add/move/remove
  • Fixed YouTube direct share category from "People & Blogs" to "Film & Animation"
  • YouTube video uploaded notification now takes you to the video
  • Projects can now be built and shared directly from projects page
  • Updated FlipaClip app icon
  • Updated watermark design
  • Fixed stage canvas drawn over the popups
  • Opening the frames viewer will now scroll to the active frame
  • Fixed flashing selections under frames viewer
  • Added new locale support; Italian, Filipino, Malay and Thai


  • Fixed drawings getting lost


  • Fixed preview movie crash
  • Fixed layers getting locked by default


  • Improved layer options; add/remove/reorder/lock/visibility/rename.
  • Built movies now respect hidden layers
  • Huge internal image processing performance boost! Over 10 times!
  • Resolved app crash caused by faulty android versions on lower end devices
  • Movie preview reported FPS accuracy improved
  • Movie previews can now hit the project target fps. Note some devices might be slower causing the fps to be slower for previews. Also, larger projects might be slower due to image cache reaching the max allowed size causing recaching which takes a bit of time.
  • Fixed onion not saving its enabled/disabled state
  • Layers now show thumbnails

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