Version 2.1

Last modified:



  • Fixed crash caused by Facebook SDK
  • Fixed crash caused when using a custom canvas size on Android 8
  • Fixed share media from home not working
  • Updated layers minimum opacity to 0% from 1%
  • Updated google and android libraries



  • Fixed video import in-app item not shown on the purchase list.
  • Fixed crash caused with copying an invalid lassoed area.
  • Fixed crash caused when all layers are hidden.
  • Added link to FlipaClip shop site!



  • Changed how onion layers are stacked and drawn.
  • Added layer merging support.
  • Updated how audio waveform is drawn.
  • Updated app accent color.
  • Fixed drawing not saved after adding a new frame with popup option.
  • Fixed drawing not saved after toggling onion ON/OFF.
  • Fixed layer opacity changes not reflected on the frames timeline.
  • Fixed import background image with same size as canvas failed.

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