Realtime animation playback "Common issues"

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While working with your animation you will likely use the play button a bunch of times to preview how your animation is going. In an ideal world the live playback will play at the frames per second, FPS, that you have set under the project settings. However, there are cases when that doesn't happen.

The main reason why it can't play a live preview at the set FPS is because the phone or tablet can't load the images fast enough to show them to you. This causes delays which causes the frame rate to be lower thus your animation seems to be going slower.

So how can you improve live playback? There are a couple tips to keep in mind when your phone or tablet is having trouble with live playback.

  1. When you create a new project pick a smaller canvas size. Using 1080p size will only make things slower. Bigger canvas size means more pixels that need to be loaded from storage.
  2. Having lots of layers requires more images to load. If you aren't using some simply hide them or remove them.

You might see that some projects with couple frames play really fast. The reason is that some frames are cached allowing very fast loading.

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