What's new in iOS?

Our new update has introduced many new features to the app. We’ve polished the app extensively to optimize your creative experience and focus on your work. Words can’t really express the effort we made to make it the best of the best :)

Here are the highlights of what’s new in the IOS FlipaClip update 2.0.

  • Dark Mode - Now you can personalize FlipaClip with a new Dark Mode or Light Mode with seven customizable accent colors.
  • New Home - All your projects will now be beautifully laid out.
  • Stacks - You can now organize your projects into stacks. Just drag a project over another to create a stack.
  • Discover new possibilities - We are super excited to introduce this new section that will help you learn, get inspired, and be challenged! Keep an eye because we will add a lot of content in the next few months!
  • Menu - Report bugs, ideas, and get fast access to the support site. The settings section is here too.
  • Lasso tool - Double press this icon to quickly select the content in your layer.
  • Paint bucket tool - We added a new feature that allows you to change the threshold of how much color it will fill.
  • Back/Forward animation controls - Tap these buttons to take you beginning or end of your animation.
  • We’ve added up to 8 audio tracks.
  • New direct share to TikTok!
  • New widget support. Quickly access your most recent animations or create a new project. Two available widget options including appearance mode.

And so much more! So go ahead explore the update and let us know what you think by using the hashtag #FlipaClipUpdate. We’re always listening to your feedback!

When will FlipaClip’s new features come to Android?

We understand that you are waiting for the update to come out to android devices. As of right now, we are working hard every day to make this happen. We are hoping to have the update available in early 2021. We know this seems like a while away, but we are a small team working hard each and every day in order to make this available to you. 


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