Does FlipaClip have widgets available?

You can create a widget to open a recent or new project directly from your homescreen. This feature is available on iOS now and will be coming to Android in the future.

To add a FlipaClip widget:

Step 1- Go to your home screen on your IOS device. 

Step 2- Press and hold down anywhere on your screen

Step 3- Once you see your apps jiggle, click the “+” in the upper-left corner.

Step 4- Find and select the FlipaClip app.

Step 5- Select one of the two options to add to your home screen. 

Step 6- Press “Add Widget”. 


Two available widgets

Recent Widget

You can select a small widget to add to your homescreen. This widget opens up a recent project you’ve worked on.

Quick Actions Widget

You can select the medium widget to add to your homescreen. This will display the last 3 projects you’ve worked on. You can create a new project directly from this widget as well.

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