Why are my premium features gone?

Don't see your premium features?

Here's how to fix it.

Below are a few tested solutions. These fixes largely depend on what device you bought FlipaClip for.

  • Apple App Store - In-app purchases must be manually restored. To do so, you need to tap on the restore purchases button found at the bottom of the app’s menu page.
  • Amazon App Store - Make sure to select the correct account that made the purchase.
  • Google Play - In-app purchases should be restored after installing FlipaClip. Remember that it must be the same Google Play account you bought the app with. You can double-check this by going to your Playstore’s menu. From there, tap on Account and go to Purchase History. If you've double-checked and the purchases still fail to load you can try the following:
    • Update Google Play to the latest version.
      • Delete Google Play's cache and restart the device.
      • Check if FlipaClip has been updated via a different Google Play Account. If this happens, the Play Store might flag the new account as one that has not made a purchase. Because of this, the premium status may be lost. To resolve the issue you must sign out of all other Google Play accounts and be signed only into the one that made the purchase, then clear the cache and data of Google Play and enter the app.

Please note:

Premium purchases cannot be used across platforms. This means that if you bought FlipaClip premium on the Google Play Store, you won’t be able to use premium features if you purchase an iPhone and install FlipaClip on that device.

If you’re still having trouble, feel free to send us a message here, or join our Discord server to get in touch with the community and customer support team.

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