Some ideas...

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Hello devs!

Some ideas...

  1. Advanced Layers - filters like blurness, etc., animate-able layers, and a merge function.
  2. Virtual Camera - possibly set in an infinite canvas where the only thing that is rendered is what the camera 'sees', plus the ability to animate it.
  3. Follow Paths - for background characters, I suggest add the ability that a certain object will follow a certain path, all while a certain animation is playing, possibly user-defined or AI-driven.
  4. Character database - I suggest a database, stored in vectors, wherein a certain character will be kept stored, possibly in animated or pose form, which I can import in a separate project.
  5. Particles - I suggest adding this one to be able to have dust, smoke, fire, and rain simulations a dust (you get it?).
  6. Keyframes - Maybe add a tweening engine wherein the user could only draw a certain frame and let that engine fill the rest.
  7. Frame Duration - add these one, wherein the user could set a certain duration for a certain frame.
  8. Rotoscoping / Blending Live Action into Animation - well, basically, I want to redraw a certain live action video into 2d animation. Also, could you please add a feature where you could add a certain video, in a different layer, and blend animation and live action. That would be really cool.

So, that's it. I could for more but maybe I requested too much. Anyways, please consider these one as your app is really great, not to mention that it is the only app in the market that is serious and professional.

Good luck to all hardworking developers of this app! Must be an Editor's Choice this year.


I agree with all of these. I hope this gets to them because I'd love to see these. Also audio and the ability to make movie clips that can be moved within the animation if that makes any sense.

Igor Mitrovic
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