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Hey there. first off, great app! however there are a few things I think there could be added to flesh out this app.

1. separate background options for layers, I was doing a little thing where I wanted it to fade to black for 50ish frames, and next frame fill next frame fill etc. was way too time consuming and kind of put me off my project for a bit.

2. a faster way to deselect multiple frames, I was tracing a video for reference and when I was done with the bit I wanted, which was 340 frames out of 600+, deselecting 340 of them one by one was a real hassle. maybe a drag and select alternative?

3.add a crayon brush and a no overlap option for the brushes when on 0% opacity, I love the look of the pencil brush however when drawing circles with it there is always a overlap point where its darker than the rest of the line, I really want to draw my characters with a crayon/pencil like outline but the dark bits in the lines overlapping looks bad.

Well, that's about it, I might come up with more ideas the more I animate with your app.

Igor Mitrovic
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Hey Alex,

Thank you for sharing your suggestions with everyone :)

We love to see and read original ideas like yours are! Please continue to animate as it obviously keeps you going!




These are all great!