Ideas to change or add some new animation tools

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Make animation tools more complex. Here are some ideas;

1. You can make it so u can draw outside the stage.

2. You can make the timeline slightly more complex like masking, tweening, etc.

3. Please add an asset feature where u can store animations inside of assets.

4. Make it so you can do more with the transform/lasso tool like skew, distort, mesh, etc.

That's all I can think of. Please use some of these things because it will really help make animation on flipaclip easier.

Igor Mitrovic
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Thank you for sharing your suggestions with everyone :)

Drawing outside canvas and tweening are something that we have for the future, others sound interesting!



marietta weaver

Those sound interesting, though I’d personally like drawing outside the stage to be something I could toggle on or off- things might get out of hand- or frame- if it’s on perpetually, at least for me. ^  ^;