Suggestions (onion, background, shape tools, frame addition, colouring)

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1 - Background settings- We should have the ability to add animated backgrounds, this would be very helpful for things where we need an animated background. It could even be a premium feature to increase the number of people buying premium.

2 - Improved frame addition- You could edit the way you add frames, this should change the way you add frames, by moving the ‘add frame’ button to the top with the other tools and allowing you to add frames between other frames as a default, rather than having to press and hold. This would add the frame after the currently selected frame, whilst keeping the options for adding frames the same as current.

3 - Improved onion- Make onion settings able to go up to 100 frames on either side of the currently selected frame, and change the way to select from a slider to something you can type in the number to adjust to this change better. 

4 - More shape tools (perhaps premium exclusive)- Add more shape tools, instead of just line, circle, and square, perhaps add more, like an arrow, a star, a triangle, etc.

5 - Colouring settings- Maybe the colouring settings should be more like a mix of Procreate and IbisPaintX, making it so you can choose the layers you want to affect colouring. Unlike procreate, however, you’d be able to select multiple layers for the colouring. With this update, a layers tab would be added to the app- allowing you to view layers and change things about them. Like the frames viewer, but for layers.

6 - Brushes and brush customisation (premium Exclusive)- I’m not lying when I say that flipaclip has a lack of quality brushes and brush customisation. The watercolour has way too much saturation, even when you set the opacity to almost zero. It hardly even looks like an actual watercolour brush, more like a low-quality airbrush. Look at premium art apps and how they do their airbrushes and brush customisation, and take some inspiration. Custom brushes, a full brush selection pallet, easier access to all the tools and brush settings at once, etc. 

This is all for this post, I hope these suggestions get considered and maybe even help people! Thank you for taking the time to read all this.

Igor Mitrovic
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Thank you for sharing your suggestions with everyone :)

Every idea posted gets noticed and read, so don't stop with this one, check out other people's suggestions as well!