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Hello Flipaclip developers! I apologize in advance, my English is bad, so I write through a translator.

my ideas:

1. I would really like for you to add an account and an animation cloud. For example, if I download Flipaclip to a new phone, I want to have my old animations on the new phone, not as a video, but with all layers and frames.

2. how about tweaking the fill? it does not fill very well, white pixels are visible.

3.Can you add a stabilizer? I draw on my phone and my finger trembles sometimes ... it's very difficult to draw straight lines.

4. filters on layers (multiplication, addition, and so on).

5. One of the filters for the layer will be "painting". in order to create a new layer below the line and fill it.

6. new brushes. some have already mentioned them, so I think no details are needed on this idea.

7. blur. it is very necessary, but we have already talked about it. on this I will not write details about him.

8. brush aerogrof (blurred brush for early).

9. more fonts.

10.Let faceting layers be not 6, but at least 10.

11. extension of frames, as in adob animation.

12.Can you add more variety to android phone?

thanks for reading :)

your app is very useful and good! in the print chain, you can add motion animation (as in adob animation), but I understand that it is very difficult.

Igor Mitrovic
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Thank you for sharing your suggestions with everyone :)

Don't mind the spelling, it is understandable! Most of them are planned features but we always love to hear it from a fresh point of view!