Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab S Pen - Palm Drag?

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I paid for the app ($6.99 for all premium features) so I could tweak settings without the ads annoying me.  The ads are okay-- I get it.  This appears to be the only animation software on the pLame Store that offers any capacity for scene creation whatsoever.  I am choosing to be hopeful!

I am using a Galaxy Tab S6 with the S Pen.  I am palm-heavy after years of drawing acoustic media.  When I lift the pen after drawing a shape and then move the pen to draw the next shape, I am too quick and this seems to trigger a drag effect where the app registers lines when my pen is not touching the surface of the tablet.  Am I to adapt my drawing style, which I have done for a lifetime, to compensate for this "feature"?

Troubleshooting proves useless.  Other photo editing apps allow fine-tuning of pressure settings so that even with S Pen glitches, I can make other apps useable through the use of GUI represenations of pressure graphs I can manipulate.  The settings for this app are embarassingly bare.

But-- I supported the developers.  I did this out of necessity, but I hope this post will let them know a simple fact: this app is the ONLY app that functions as a "professional" animation application (with onion frames).  Such a dead, specialized media-- but this app WORKS.  Please make it better!

Igor Mitrovic
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Hello Rick,

First of all, I would like to thank you for getting the full version of our app that, that means a lot to us.

Please be assured that your message and post are clear and understood. So for now please use "the workaround" to get the pen more separate from the screen as we are aware of some of the issues and we are working on a  new drawing engine that will be improved in many fields and in pressure sensitivity as well.

Thank you for the constructive feedback that you provided.