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(A) Add a symbol library where you can drag selected assets into the animation

1. Changing a symbol changes all instances of it

2. “Paste in Place” button

3. 2 Sections: Main & Project

4. Main Symbols transfer between projects

5. Project Symbols belong only in the project

6. Symbol Folders

(B) Add frame extender

1. Above a frame’s option menu, add an frame extender.

(C) Add multi-select layers

1. Holding down a layer will invoke multi-select

2. Using the lasso tool with multiple layers selected will lasso anything in the selected area

3. Drawing while multiple layers will deselect everything but the first layer selected

(D) Add timeline rows

1. One timeline for every layer

2. Show 2 layer timelines at a time

(E) Add “Go to Frame”

1. Goes to frame typed in

2. Typing in frame that doesn’t exist will go to last frame

(F) Fix “Add Image”

1. Automatically center image to canvas

2. Automatically straighten image to canvas

3. Automatically fit image to canvas

4. Automatically select image

(G) Add drag select in “Frames Viewer”
1. Only works in select mode

2. Dragging finger/stylus on multiple frames will select them

3. Dragging from left to right, then top to bottom will select all frames in the row selected

Igor Mitrovic
  • Nice To Have

Hey Icicle.

Thank you for sharing your suggestions with everyone :)

Most of them are planned features but we always love to hear it from a fresh point of view!



Stephen Nelson

I second this!

These features would be a game changer and I could use FlipaClip daily!

To add to this it would be great if shortcuts (like a three finger swipe for example) were implemented to add a new frame or duplicate the current frame. It would greatly speed up the animating process.