Some Suggestions

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Just a few suggestions on how to improve the app a bit! I love this app and want to see it improve more and more!

-Maybe add a Alpha lock option on layers? I find it hard to do colored line art on my animations without it and it bothers me a ton.

-A better lasso tool? Doing the lasso tool in one go is extremely hard when you want a specific shape. What of instead of the lasso tool activating immediately after you take your finger/stylus off it would just wait for you to tap a button to complete it. You could add on after accidentally removing your finger/stylus and then press the button. And if you want to keep the quick select aspect of it than you’d be able to go between the different modes! 
Thanks for reading these! I just want to help with some aspects of the app that bug me. I bought premium because I know the app is worth it, I just want to see it improve in a positive and happy way! :D

Igor Mitrovic
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Thank you for sharing your suggestions with everyone :)

Alpha lock is already posted as a separate idea and an improved lasso tool would also help. Thanks for your support and getting the premium version!