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Since the update I cannot export anymore my projects from one iPad to my other iPad, why? I cannot back them up too.

The app does not give me the option anymore.

flipaclip is a very easy and simple animation tool. However, if I may add some suggestions to add to the app:

- it would be nice to ne able to draw a line, a circle and that it transforms once you stay Long enough into a perfect circle or line (like in procreate)

- it would be nice to be able to add the layers from one project to another project.

- not enough options for the colours

- create a more complex app with more features, that can be bought little bit by little bit once the user feel more at ease with the app. In the end the app can be too simple. 
thank you for your work

Igor Mitrovic
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First of all, thank you for the detailed ideas that you shared with everyone :)

Now let's focus on the issue that you have.

1. What is the version of the iOS that you have?
2. What is the version of the App that you have?
3. Go to your device settings and tell me how much free space do you have?
4. Does it happen in all projects or only one?
5. Which backup method are you using? and do you get any error message that you get that you could share with us?