Add a tab to share animations within the app

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I was thinking, maybe having a feature where you can post your animations to FlipaClip and view other posts on the app, this could help find your room for improvement, or see some inspiration or other ideas.. of course, this has its cons. However, I think it would be perfect for people who don’t have YouTube, or have any media to share on. Take that as you will.

Igor Mitrovic
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This definitely sounds like an awesome idea and something that would spark the people to do even more :)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts,


rose clenden

Hello Maegan!

I think this is a great idea, and should be noted by the FlipaClip team.

this kind of idea is exactly what devs want to see, and you deserve greatness out of it.

Love your thinking!

lee price

Yes I would really like this <3

burrito bison

This sounds awesome. I’m always trying to find new ways and tutorials on how to do animations. And YouTube is shutting down everybody and is pretty bad right now. It would be the best if anybody could share their animations and get feedback with other things. It might make FlipaClip more of a competitor to other animation softwares.


This is a really great idea ^^


That’s a good idea dude


I was thinking the same thing

David B



That was my same idea! 
I really hope that the devs add something like this!