Add better color recognition on paint bucket

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The bucket tool has a big flaw. It has terrible color recognition. If I’m using purple as my color scheme and it can’t tell the difference between pale lavender and dark ultraviolet then there is a serious problem. Ms paint can do better than that. Let me repeat, MS paint has a better fill bucket than a high quality animation program. That is unacceptable. 
It’s even more unacceptable if it recognizes neon blue as yellow. To entirely different colors that don’t even resemble each other are seen as the same in the programs eyes. It’s infuriating and takes more time to color a single frame because of a faulty tool.

 I kindly ask that the developers fix this problem as it hinders work and is more trouble than it’s worth. 

Igor Mitrovic
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Hey Indo,

Thank you for sharing your idea with everyone!

Every suggestion is read carefully and taken into consideration.