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I really like this new makeover! Haven’t tried it yet but I’ve glanced at it and it feels more user friendly :3

Moving on, I’d personally like, but some others would like

-Clipping layers. It would be really useful when shading on animation because there’s so many frames and clipping would make it a lot faster and easier.

-Alpha lock. It would be easier for animators to animate glowing on Lineart, etc.

-Folders. Like adding a folder layer to put all layers in and edit the layers on that one folder. You could also add a feature to unfold the folder

-More brushes. Would be great having like watercolor effects and nets

-Flipping layer like a mirror. We could check the anatomy and etc to see if it’s correct or wonky. We could also use the lasso but that would be a pain to do every layer.

There’s more suggestions I have but I think these ones would be very great and convenient. Thanks for reading and keep working hard but don’t overwork yourselves!!

Igor Mitrovic
  • Nice To Have


Thank you for sharing your suggestions with everyone!

Most of them are planned features but we always love to hear fresh ideas!

Make sure to test out the new version as well and not overdo it either :D