Some ideas that I’d like to see.

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Here are some ideas that I would like to see implemented.

1- An airbrush. I would definitely like to see an airbrush that we could use. It would be perfect for soft shading, better lighting, and just have an overall new brush to use!

2- A Blur tool. A blur tool can really help improve animations for things such as animations fast movement, smear frames, and a professional motion blur effect. It could greatly help animations.

3- Image and video auto-fit. A feature so when you import an image or video, it auto-fits into the canvas. This could help a bunch.

Those are my suggestions! It would be greatly appreciate it if you can take some of them into consideration. Thank you.

Igor Mitrovic
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Hey Xavier,

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us :)

We already have opened topics for all three suggestions, but we will definitely keep yours to be a reminder that these are the most requested features!