Project Creation Problem

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So after the update for Flipaclip, the app keeps randomly glitching by showing my old projects sometimes, but at the same time it also doesn’t show. Plus when I try to create an animation, it doesn’t load and let me start. Is there anything you can do to fix that? I’m really having a problem and I’d like some help for that, thank you!

Igor Mitrovic
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I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue. Could you provide us with a couple of answers please, so that we can assist you in the best possible way:

1. What is the version of the iOS that you have?

2. What is the version of the App that you have?

3. Go to your device settings and tell me how much free space do you have?

4. Does it happen in all projects or only one?

5. Can you please restart your phone and let me know if the issue is the same?





1.The version of the IOS I have is IPhone 11

2.The version of the app I have is version 2.0.2

3. It shows that I have a lot of free space 

4. It happens to all my projects 

5. I did try that, but it did not work unfortunately. 

Igor Mitrovic


Thank you for the provided details.

1. Is the problem the same with every FPS and resolution that you chose as an option also?

2. Does it show any error or the App crashes when trying to load?

3. Can you check on your iPhone if you can locate the project files and try to load them manually?

4. Confirm also if permission is still granted:

 Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
 Tap Privacy.
 Tap Gallery to view which apps can access it.
 Tap the switch next to FlipaClip to allow access.