Movie length, adding, and sequential....issues?

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I'll try my best to be descriptive, yet short.

Rather than animating all scenes back to back on the same working file,  I figured each scene could be completed,  then rendered as a  finished movie. After that, I would work on a new scene, and when that is compled add the prior scenes "movie".on the end, and then make movie, repeat steps, adding each prior "movie" scene.

It only renders the non movie part, ignoring the added film I put at the end.  So is adding a movie, only for tracing/animating over, and not used during completed movie? ( for example/clarity... scene 1 is 5 seconds long, I then import movie at at the end of scene 1.( completed scene # 2, is 10 seconds long) and then go to "make movie"... only scene 1 is the finished product, at 5 seconds..

Am I doing something wrong, or it just doesn't work like that?

Igor Mitrovic
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Hey Christian,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue. Could you provide us with some answers please, so that we can assist you in the best possible way:

1. What is the version of the App and Android that you have?
2. Go to your device settings and tell me how much free space do you have?
3. Does it happen in all projects or only one?

4. Please correct me if I did not understand you correctly, but the steps you are doing are: a) when you are in the project you go for "Add video" to merge your scenes with an MP4/GIF file? b) Playback/review inside the project is showing all fine/merged, but after you export a movie it only makes out of from the original/non added video?

5. Once you build a movie - it is normal for it to show only a small fragment of it. When you go into the "Movies" tab on your app and play it is it working fine or also showing the first scene only?


christian knudsen

Hey Igor, thanks for looking into this.

Flipaclip ver. 2.4.7-213

Android ver. …. it just says "10"

storage: 40 GB out of 64 available.

Samsung Tab S6 lite

So far, I really only have the 1 project, across the board. with 7 completed scenes, compiled as a film/movie ( I had more but my old tablet, had an untimely demise ! )

4.  Correct. (but I have a few issues, that I will try to explain, after doing several re-attempts.)

5. After some testing, you are mostly correct. 

  I noticed, no matter what layer I am using, (and frame I am on) if I import a movie, that movie becomes its own layer, and starts at frame 1. (but with confusion...!)

I will try to build a frame timeline below.

(Frames)            1...………….10...…………………25………………...50...…………..75...………..100...………125...………..150...……..175

scene 1/f1         +-------------------------------------------------------------+

scene2/f1                                                         (sometimes) +--------------------------+  (plays correctly, after scene 1)

scene3/f1           +--------------------------------------------------+

scene4/f1           +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+


They all appear to start at frame 1, on their own layer.... yet scene 2 sometimes starts at the correct frame, after scene 1 ends. Scene 3, and 4, or more, are invisible, unless I turn down transparency, on scene 1, and 2. 

The replay loop, only cycles after scene 2 ends.(if it works correctly) any excess animation, past the last frame of scene 2 is ignored, and the loop re-starts.  I assumed an imported video would start at the frame I imported it into. does not seem to be the case.                           

Is there a way to move, a specific video layer, to a certain frame, after being imported?  without doing it frame by frame?

I will see if there is a way I can record my screen actions on my tablet, or make a better diagram, if there is still some confusion. 


Igor Mitrovic

Hey Christian,

Thanks for all the details.

It would definitely help if you can record a video of the issue you are describing - feel free to speak while doing so that we can better understand the issue and send it over to us :)