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Hello! I just want to Make some Ideas, So many animators will be Interested on this app:

-Voice Changer (Premium) and Voice/Vocals Settings

- New Tools for Animating (Like Ink Pencil/Pen,Small Paint Brush,Etc.)

- Allowing Sound Effects from FlipaClip (As Premium Features) or Make it Cheaper

-Allowing To Share The Animations On FlipaClip

-More Guides to animating

- Making This App into a Computer Program

-Add User (To Be Friends to others and communicate/Learning)

-Unlimited Layers (Premium Features)

I Hope You Accept my Ideas ☺️

Igor Mitrovic
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Hey Ethan,

Thank you very much for writing your ideas! I have merged all the topics that you opened in one, I hope that you don't mind.

We read every suggestion posted and there is always a chance that you see it implemented in the app at some point : )