More features I really wish FlipaClip had!

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Alright so I just updated my FlipaClip and Its amazing! The layout, the colors and especially it gives off that minimalist vibe. I have some recommendations i wish FlipaClip would have. 

- layers that can exceed the canvas ( it can be an option in a layer so it can be optional for people) 

This could be very useful for people who wound want to add a moving background to their animations, lets say they drew a super wide piece for their background and instead of having to crop and estimate where and how it would look like in the canvas, seeing the rest if the drawing would make it easier. I edited a photo to show how Id want it to look like. 

-brush creator/ more brushes. 
I love the 4 main brushes, they are good! But i would love it if you could add more brushes and the ability to export, import and create brushes from scratch. 

I use procreate as well, and I already have brushes that i made there and I also wanna use them in FlipaClip! 
-improve your grids

I think the square grid is good! But then I would love it if you would have a perspective grid, isometric grid and a symmetry grid as well. For the perspective grid you can adjust whether you would like it as a 2 or 1 or 3 point perspective, you can also adjust where those points would be. For the symmetry grid, add an option wherein we could choose whether it can be my 2s by 4s or by 6s. 

Also add “drawing assist” which makes you draw properly with the grid you have chosen, so you will automatically make straight lines. 

-extracting audio from videos. 
if ever you import a video, make it an option to add the audio from the video to your animation. 

Thats all I have to say! Keep it up FlipaClip! 

Igor Mitrovic
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Hey Omerasy,

First of all, thank you very much for liking the new update it really means a lot to us :)

I've kept one, main, topic, that you've opened to have it all in one place I hope that you don't mind.

As far as the ideas, rest assured that it is you, the users, and your feedback that keeps this story going forward. Some of them were already mentioned and are planned, like adding more brushes, so let's see how the others roll in the public!



I see, no really! I dont mind at all. Thank you so much!