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I’d don’t have much to say except I’m a decent animator with premium and through these would come in handy. 
>Symmetry tool. Instead of having to draw one half then duplicate n flip it, and possibly have to edit some parts of it. It would be a lot easier. 
>More brushes? An airbrush would be nice,, to create gradients n such. 
>Layers. The fact that merging, deleting, or moving a layer on one frame affects the layers on EVERY OTHER FRAME is a huge problem. Could that be changed,,? 
>Frame duration. Maybe a setting where certain selected frames can last longer than others? Instead of having to repeatedly paste, paste, paste. 

Igor Mitrovic
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Hey Kaiju,

Thank you very much for your ideas.

-- Symmetry - worth having from a perspective to make it easier to animate.

-- More brushes are absolutely the most requested feature and absolutely will be added in the future.

-- Layers - we are aware this might not be very user-friendly for everyone and we are planning to change how that happens in the future.

-- Frame duration - also something which would be nice to have.

Rest assured that the user's voice is heard :)