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(i’m aware that a lot of these will not be implemented but it would be cool to see a few added)

-locking a layer disables/ hides onion skin for that layer

-pen sizes under 4px have pen pressure

-zooming in doesn’t blur pixels, instead shows something similar to procreate with the sharper pixels

-tolerance levels can be adjusted on the bucket tool

-a long press enables eye dropper

-multiple timelines for different layers

-an automatic selection/ magic wand tool

-layer blending options (not to the extent that drawing softwares have them, maybe a few like multiply, add and overlay)

-import .abr file brushes

-the other brushes like the pencil and paint should have opacity pressure control

-tilt support on the pencil tool

-moveable dockers like the colour menu and layers so they are always visible

-folders in the homescreen for organisation

-export animation with a transparent background 

-import videos with a transparent background

-clipping masks and alpha lock

-larger brushes being able to draw very thin lines with light pressure

-eraser having pen pressure

Igor Mitrovic
  • Nice To Have

Hey Isabel,

Thanks for sharing your ideas, we really appreciate it! The list is quite big, but rest assured that it is being looked on : )