How to move projects to Bluestacks?

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I have installed the bluestack, and flipaclip (Premium feature bundle)  in my laptop with windows 10. I want to locate the folder through windows, where the *.fc files are located, because, I want to add some files from my mobile handset to laptop device.

I am unable to search the location where the *.fc files are stored in my laptop. I have searched multiple times in my laptop too.

Please help me.

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Igor Mitrovic
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Hey Manikanda,

There is no default storage folder on Windows when you are using Bluestacks. It is actually like a virtual machine that simulates the Android on your operating system, so it is using the same "storage" as you were using on your phone, which can be accessed using the File Manager.

In order to access that storage please check out this link on how to move files around:

To backup projects or transfer them to another device check this article.

Also please be informed that Bluestacks is not an official way to use FlipaClip and it might not always work as intended : )