Add Stretch Frames

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It would be awesome if you could make it so that you can stretch frames to be longer or shorter like you can in other animation programs. That way, you wouldn't have to copy and paste the same frame 100 times to stretch out time and it would be easier to work in 24 fps. Keeping track of frames would be easier as well and the file size, i assume, might be smaller. Im always finding myself saving the animation file and transporting it to photoshop to delete and edit the frame lengths to make the animations smoother. Im so glad you guys have it where i can save the files as a png zipped folder. It would also be nice to have more varied brush/eraser sizes and styles even. 

Igor Mitrovic
  • Nice To Have

Hey Jordan,

Thank you for sharing your ideas. Your feedback is very valuable to us. We will take in consideration your suggestions and I hope that they will be implemented : )