SonarPen Issues

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Recently I received a SonarPen to use on my iPad. Supposedly the SonarPen provides palm rejection and pressure sensitivity when drawing, for devices that aren't compatible with the Apple Pencil, however in FlipaClip, this does not happen. Let me explain. 

After connecting the SonarPen and choosing "stylus" for the draw input option. When I try do draw with the SonarPen, nothing happens, as if the screen is not detecting that the SonarPen is touching it. However, If I choose the "touch" or "stylus and touch" options, I can use the SonarPen, but I don't get the palm rejection or pressure sensitivity, as if it is just detecting the disk tip as a finger. With that said, if I start to draw with the SonarPen, and then lay my palm on the screen after, it works mostly fine. 

I am confident that this is not an issue with the SonarPen itself, as I have tested it in IbisPaint, and it worked wonderfully. 

I am kind of disappointed that the only reasons I bought the SonarPen (palm rejection and pressure sensitivity) don't work, and now I feel like I'm just using a glorified stylus. 

Additional info: I am using a 5th gen iPad running iOS 13.5.1, and the latest version of FlipaClip. 

Igor Mitrovic
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Hey Domino,

Sorry that you are experiencing this issue. I've read your description and unfortunately, this is actually expected behavior because your iPad doesn't recognize SolarPen as a pen, but rather as any other additional device like headphones, etc

So the only way for it to work is when you set it to touch or stylus and touch.

This is the situation with all pens that do not come as standard. For iPad that would be Apple Pen, Samsung Spen, and so on.

I hope that this answers your question :)