Can't upload a project that the title has multibyte chars

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I can't upload a project that the title has multibyte chars.

For example, the title something like Japanese text. 


The steps to reproducing:

1. You create a project that the title is "こんにちわ"

2. You click the 3 dots button on the top right of the project card and click it

2. You click the upload button.

Current behavior:

You can see the loading for a moment, but nothing happens.

Expected behavior:

Show the next upload steps property.

Dusan Kolic
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Hey, what happens when you name project in English? Are you able to create a movie without any issue?

mitsuru ogawa

Hi, I'm talking about project uploads. The functionality to save my project in the cloud. It's not about creating.
but it is working properly in English. it seems to happen in Japanese.