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Hi i have been a user of this marvelous app since 2014 and im loving it.

But i would like to know if you have any plans for making these aditions to your app, as i feel it would, with out a doubt, make this the best animation app out there!

1. A layer merger functions, a common function in most art apps that allows one to merge together two separate layers into one. There by freeing layer space and boosting the convenience factor greatly!

2. Layer oppancy, this function allows us to make a layer "fade out". An good example is to draw a sketch in one layer add fade it to 50% oppancy and then open another layer and draw the propper lines after the sketch. Again making your app alot more convenient and easy to use!

3. Allow the pen to draw in "Pixels", you standard setting for your pen is a "smooth" texture, i would love to have the choice to draw in pixels, so we can draw pixel art animations to easyer fit in 8-32 bit games/animations. Also it works well with the paint bucket function

4. Layer clipping, a function i discovered from the app Layer Paint HD, you can activate the clipping functions between two layers, example you draw a character then add a layer activate the clipping function and when you draw, it will only draw within the character you have drawn on the previous layer. I guess the "magic wand" functions in a similar manner.

5. Adding sound, voice, music to the videos with the app, or a separate app for editing. I am fine with either!

These 5 ideas are the things that (in my opinion) are missing, if you manage this you will have an animation app that will outmatch profesional animations programs like Toon Boom!

However I love this app to death, and every update is awaited with glee.

You fan. Thomas S F.


Layers in FlipaClip is somewhat "basic". I agree with your ideas, especially the transparency. I really need that feature, because when I try to "magically" disappear someone or something, I use that 'state-of-the-art' erasing method for years.

Also. FlipaClip does need scrolling background, or even a virtual camera to create easily zooming panning, and scrolling (especially the running animations)

Igor Mitrovic
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