Vector Animation?

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Hello devs!

Been using your app for like months now, and I see so much potential. In fact, I have many ideas for your app.

Anyways, some ofy ideas are:

- Unlimited layers -- Well, after I bought your app, I kinda expects that the layers will be unlimited but no, up to six only. Disappointed, but I still use Flipaclip (mainly because of the stability).

- Support for vector animation(?) - I know that this is difficult but, you see the Android market's animation apps are all 'traditional-based' -- meaning the user will draw every single frame of animation. Maybe its time to put things ahead and use vectors (just like Flash).

- Gradient fills - Yeah, maybe gradient fill could be a game changer, but can you add this one on your next update?

- Transparency - This one, well, is really much needed. I mean, creating an illusion of fading on your app could take about, like six hours (for me) to create, using the 'state-of-the-art erasing'.

Well, that's some of my ideas for your app. Can you please make it a reality? Your app is really worth buying for!