A combination of ideas (and a really messy one at that)

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Hi, I'm a YouTube animator who goes by PuppianQueen (jus call me egg!!) and Flipaclip has been the step in the right direction for me for years.

Flipaclip's the only way I can animate, and uh, yeah that gets to be an issue sometimes.

I'm in a mental road block where I'm incapable of learning new things no matter how it's presented. Essentially if I dont already understand it in the first 5 seconds, it's impossible.
I'm not in the state of mind to be able to learn new programs like Adobe Animate (I spite Adobe, might I add) or Krita. And also FireAlpaca is just really clunky for art, oof. So all I'm left with is Flipaclip

I know the Flipaclip team has the idea of porting the app to PC on their checklist, and if you're gonna go through with it. I might want to suggest some things.
I feel like this theoretical port should have some improvements. Not any too big to change the whole app, but some improvements that would make it a much more fun experience!

1. The ability to draw off canvas

A feature found in Adobe Animate (and maybe other major animation software, I'm unsure.) It's a rather unfortunate thing animators go through when they select their drawing and drag it partially off canvas.
And then you duplicate the frame. Reselect the drawing, drag it and- oh. oh great.

yeah there goes half my drawing. got it eaten up by the canvas border, huh.

I understand this can be easily fixed by making solely the animation in-app and moving it afterwards, but editing apps are currently a struggle for me, so I like to do all my movement in-app. So I kinda want that feature from Animate where you can move things off canvas, and only things off canvas will be visible in the final product.

2. Motion tweening

Again another concept from Animate. I know the concept of keyframes would make Flipaclip far too advanced, but I think it could be simplified somehow. I imagine it as a sort of "Choose start frame. Choose start position. Choose end frame. Choose end position" type thing, I dunno, and then the program would like calculate the motion tween thing? Yeah ok maybe I dont have any clue what I'm saying because most my brain got erased by the pressure of school and whatever left is too busy listening to loud music hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

3. Export as transparent GIF/ aPNG / WebP

The video editor I've been coziest with for a while has been CuteCut Pro and it doesn't have any chroma key support, so I have to make sure all of my animated files are transparent, which is a real task with Flipaclip's current options. I've been willing to try VideoStar sometime and it probably does support chroma key, but just in case I think it would be a nice addition.

Additional ideas:
- dark mode / customizable accent colors (if you're ever tired of the usual white and red)
- Customize splash screen (or disable it if you're in a rush?)
- increase pallete color limit to maybe 8-10 and maybe add labels for the colors? (my main OC has 6 diverse colors, oops.)
- layer blending modes (or at least just add multiply and screen/add/lighten, they're really helpful.)

I think this would be a nice seperate version of the program for more advanced users and would run well on a PC, I guess.
i had a conclusion but im panicking because i think the wifi's gonna shut off due to my control freak of a sister so uh, arriverderci my dudes.

- egg / PuppianQueen