Workflow ideas making things faster when drawing sequences

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Hi there!
I've been having lots of fun with your program. Well done!
There is a balance between simplicity and features. So take or leave this!
I'd like to see a pen tool that flips throught the pages as you draw. 
It's quite time consuming drawing something, going down to the next page, going back up, going back down.

Imagine if you want to draw rain. It is a lot of work! Could you have some kind of thing where you draw a line....when you release the pen it automatically moves to the next frame automatically. Also if you could set the step rate so it jumps 5 or ten frames.....


I know it's minor but it would speed up workflow for certain things that are rain or snow!

Also I'd like to see lines or circles that are animated if you draw a straight line it draws gaps of a certain size inbetween and you can vary this. Imagine be trying to draw circular wheels of a car the same size going around. If you had a shape that was animated with gaps automatically you could do this.

I have lots more ideas but of course simplicity is the key isn't it!
Also an output to Instagram that doesn't have movie length limitations would be good. I do 8 frame animations and it always says can't upload as it's too small in duration.

Anyway bravo to you all for creating a fun app for us artists! Thanks for listening.