Add new duplicate layer function

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I’m very glad you added a duplicate layer button for iOS. Thank you so much. However, I don’t necessarily want to create a new layer in the entire timeline every time I duplicate a layer. What I want to do is be able to copy a layer and paste it over another layer in the next frame or whatever frame I choose. So let’s say I had a layer of mouth animation that I didn’t want to draw again. I just want to be able to copy that mouth to paste it over an existing layer in its own frame. Does that make sense?

Perhaps you could add two options to the copy layer function to make that possible. I would be extremely EXTREMELY happy if you made it this way, and I would promote your app as the greatest of all time. Haha. Seriously, though. Thanks so much again for adding any type of copy layer function in the first place.

Stewart Howell

This would be a HUGE time saver. You could make a lineart layer, duplicate it, and use the Paint Bucket Tool on the lower layer. This would help get fix the Paint Bucket tool "white edges" problem. 

Please please please consider adding a "Duplicate layer" option. Thank you!

Dusan Kolic
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Hey mbunchfilm,

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will forward this to developers and see what they think :)