Ruler/Guides to Respond to Zoom

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The ruler/guide option works really well and is great for animating with perspective and vanishing points. It would be vasly improved though if the ruler line was locked to zoom and pan.

Currently, if you zoom or pan the stage, the ruler line stays where it is, meaning that any positioning you have set up is immediately lost. Effectively, you cannot zoom or pan the stage when using the ruler tool for perspective - or any fixed point lines.

If I have one end of the ruler line on my vanishing point - I want it to stay on that point no matter what zoom level or pan position the screen is on, so that I can move around the stage and know that my perspective lines will be maintained. The ruler, in other words, needs to pan and zoom (and rotate, if that feature is added) with the screen rather than maintain a fixed position.

Hope this makes sense!


It's probably easier with an example. In the attached screenshot, the vanishing point is marked by a blue cross. I'm using the straight line tool to animate the window opening whilst maintaining the correct perspective.

I want to be able to zoom and pan the stage and the ruler tool to move relative to the drawing, so that the end will stay on the blue cross. Currently, the ruler tool will keep a fixed point on the screen when zooming and panning, so I have to reset it every time I zoom or pan.

Igor Mitrovic
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