Quicker Access to Frequently Used Buttons

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There are a few tools in FlipacClip that are currently two or three clicks away that I think should be readily available with one click. These are for actions that one has to do repeadedly when animating.

Clear All

The Clear All function requires the eraser dialogue to be opened - and this is a really common task, so should really have its own dedicated button on the main stage window.

Light Table

Adjustments to the Light Table set up are also a frequent task, so perhaps the ability to pin the Light Table dialogue open would be a good idea. The current long-press to open the dialogue is a bit cumbersome when you're in the middle of a drawing.

Frame Duplication

Currently you can only duplicate a frame at the end of the timeline. The ability to duplicate a frame at the start of the time line and also to insert a duplicated frame before or after the current frame would be really useful - at the moment, this task takes quite a few clicks and is another frequent action.

Keith Connell

Was going to suggest something similar to this.My idea is to have the ability to pick and choose what goes on a menu and what is a button.'Infinite Painter' has a huge page of tools but you can drag the tools you want most frequent onto a tool bar at the top and this is saved so that they are there each time you open the app.Flipaclip because it has fewer tools could just have them in a setting menu or something where there is a tick box for where you want the tool to be.Not exactly the same thing but still about making things more quickly accessible.

Igor Mitrovic
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