Add Protect Alpha feature

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hello devs, its me again after 3years of using flipaclip, first I'd like to say thanks so much for all the updates you've given to us these past few years.. flipaclip has evolved a lot since I started using it 3years ago and I have some more suggestions if that's no problem....there's this setting most art softwares have on their layers called"Protect Alpha" which when active on a layer, let's you only draw on whatever brush stroke is on that particular layer (google photo attached) this would help a lot with changing the colors of lineart and drafts without having to draw everything allover again in a different color...if this is do able, pls add this layer feature in any upcoming updates, thanks :)

Dusan Kolic
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Hey, thanks for your suggestion  :)
We haven’t added Protect Alpha feature into the app yet, but I think that’s an awesome idea!

I’ll pitch this to the team and see what they think.