Multiple Suggestions

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FlipaClip has been a good app, however, I would like to make a few suggestions!

1: Maybe if you draw a frame, you can copy a frame and move it to wherever you want it, like in FireAlpaca.

2: Can I mention the fact that there are white lines when you use the bucket tool? Please fix that!

3: There are many FlipaClip masters out there in YouTube, and I'm planning to be one of them. Maybe if you take a look at ibs Paint X and FireAlpaca (as I previously mentioned), I suggest you combine their content so this app would be better. I'm not saying that "oh, you should copy their apps/programs" or whatsoever, but that's how we'll animate better.

4: If there are in-app purchases, can you please reduce them? I mean, it's so pointless as to paying for anything you would want!

I hope you answer to one of these soon! 

Remember that answering comments and doing/fixing it will make many people satisfied!